Our Integration Engine can handle a variety of message-based protocols, including but not limited to FTP, LLP, SOAP, and XML. The standard is to use MLLP for HL7-encoded messages.

IP Address Allowlisting

Please provide us with the preferred IP Address of the system that will be emitting the messages. We will allowlist your IP Address both for our Firewall and on the Integration Server itself. All other traffic is blocked from our network.

TLS Certificate Generation and Installation

For every client customer connection, we require a certificate to be associated with all client socket connections. If your company has your own certificate generation and signing systems, then please provide us with a certificate to associate with your connection. Otherwise, we will generate a self-signed CSR, and securely transmit it to you to encrypt your connection.

We have a multitude of ways to transfer secure information. We normally prefer Signal, which is a cross-platform end to end encrypted messaging service. If your company has preferred methods of transmitting sensitive information, let us know.

Please keep this key/information safe, and do not share it with anybody.

Integration Domain and Port

Please connect to https://connect.synaptechealth.com. We will allocate you a port in the range 20001 - 21000.