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Abstract Background

Autonomous Medical Coding

Increase efficiency, improve accuracy, and reduce costs

Synaptec Health's proprietary AI-driven solution goes beyond human capabilities to deliver unprecedented accuracy in medical coding. 


Unlike software tools and computer-assisted coding (CAC), Synaptec Health's AI-powered solution ensures 100% of encounters are coded accurately, including complex cases and all E/M, CPT, ICD10, modifier, and MIPS codes.

AI Coding

How Synaptec Health Works 

Once a physician completes a patient encounter, our system instantly receives the structured or unstructured text. This data is processed by Synaptec Health's proprietary set of over 1,000 machine learning models and advanced NLP techniques.


The final codes and modifiers are seamlessly returned to your billing software, flatfile, or EHR system. Every encounter is coded completely, eliminating the need for your team to review codes or charts.

Affordable, Accurate, Reliable

AI-powered coding software is like having your best coder make every coding decision.  Synaptec Health offers a reliable, accurate, and cost-effective alternative to traditional manual coding. 



+60% savings vs the cost of manual coding



Capacity to code millions of charts while handling fluctuating volume



Delivers +96% accurate results - Greatly exceeding human coding



No handoffs between coding teams, CACs, etc. 



100% of charts coded: All complex cases, CPTs, ICD10s, MIPS, and modifiers



SOC2 Certified & HIPAA Compliant

Are you ready for the future of medical coding?

 Discover the power of AI-driven medical coding with Synaptec Health - a more accurate, secure, and comprehensive solution for all your medical coding needs.

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