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  • Eric Chao

Adding a Security Key to your Google Account

Open your web browser (preferably Google Chrome) and open a new incognito window, by clicking on the ‘hamburger’ menu (three vertical dots, in the upper right of the Chrome window) and then clicking ‘New Incognito Window’.

You may need to sign in again. If so, sign in to your Google account as you normally do.

If you cannot sign in to your Google Account:

1. Get a backup code from a Synaptec Health IT Administrator.
2. Sign into your Google Account.
3. Enter your username and password.
4. When asked for your verification code, click More options.
5. Select Enter one of your 8-digit backup codes.
6. Enter your backup code.

Hit 'Next' to continue and insert and press the button on your security key when prompted.

You may also need to click ‘allow’ in Google Chrome (upper left hand corner of the screen) to let Google access your security key. You may need to press the button on your security key one more time after clicking ‘Allow’.

If asked, enter a name for your new security key:

  • Account Setup Complete - After you register your security key you will be taken to your account page on Google. To continue accessing the coding application, copy and paste the Google Drive link back into your browser window:

  • Future logins - You’ll use your password and your Security Key When you login next time, you’ll be asked to enter your security key and press the button to verify your identity after you enter your password. After, you can choose to remove the key, or keep it inserted, your choice.


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