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  • Eric Chao

Flat File Transfer to Synaptec Health

Direct Upload to S3 (preferred)

Direct Upload to AWS S3, is similar to SFTP, and uses the same FTP client you use today. If you do not have a preferred client, WinSCP for Windows and Cyberduck for Mac both work well and support S3.

Synaptec Health will provide each user the following information to configure your S3 client (via secure email):

  • Access Key ID

  • Secret Access Key

  • Remote Directory Path

In your preferred client, you'll select 'Amazon S3' as the connection type and enter the above access information. Below is how to do this with WinSCP and CyberDuck.


On the login screen, select Amazon S3 and enter the access and secret key.

Click advanced, then 'directories' and enter the provided customer file path.

Hit 'OK', and then 'Save' so that you can connect again at a future date without re-entering your login credentials. You can name the saved site 'Synaptec Health' and select click 'Save Password'.

To connect, hit the green 'Login' button.

To copy files, simply drag them from your computer to the newly opened folder on the Synaptec Health server.


Start by clicking the '+' icon in the lower left of the window to add a new connection.

Then choose 'Amazon S3' as the connection type, enter your Access Key ID and Secret Access Key and also input your given path.

After you've configured the connection, close the connection configuration window, and double click on the new connection you've created in the main window to connect.

And that's it. To securely send files to Synaptec Health, just drag them into the folder of your file transfer client after you have connected.

Security overview:

  • File transfer via AWS S3 is TLS encrypted in transit (REST over HTTPS).

  • Policy enforces one-way transfers only. Data cannot be downloaded from server after upload for additional security.

  • Data is encrypted upon upload (at-rest) by AES-256.

Note: Filenames may not contain PHI, (eg. MRN's). If this is so, you must place encounter files in a zip file prior to upload.


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