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AI Medical Coding Dashboard

Reimagine Medical Coding

Fully automated, AI-powered, coding software to help your team work faster and smarter

96%+ Accuracy

With coding accuracy exceeding 99% and completion times measured in seconds, not hours— imagine the world’s fastest, most accurate coder joining your team


We charge a low flat per-chart fee — pay only for what you use with no minimums (or maximums)

Save over 60%

Save over 60% vs. the cost of manual coding by automating repetitive coding tasks. Free your team to provide higher value and more profitable activities, such as provider education and practice management

About Us

Tried & Trusted Technology

Synaptec Health's world-class engineering and medical coding teams trained our machine learning algorithms using millions of charts from the world's best human coders. 


Our software can read and code each chart in seconds, more accurately and consistently than any human, while reliably identifying downcodes and missing documentation.

Created by Experts

Synaptec Health's team includes board certified physicians, medical coders with 20+ years experience, top software engineers, and industry-leading data scientists.

We've come together from a wide range of disciplines to solve issues presented by manual medical coding.

Total Compatibility

Synaptec Health's solution integrates with every industry API and data format, meaning no matter which data formats you use, we can support you. 


We generate everything needed to submit a chart, including all ICD-10, E/M and CPT codes with modifiers. We also provide individual and summary reports for all coded charts. 

Secure and US Based

Synaptec Health is are based in San Francisco, California and exceed HIPAA requirements for the security of our US-based infrastructure.


It's Easy to Get Started

Uses the same charts your coders use today

Our software starts with the same patient chart information your coders use today.


This chart data is then read by our secure, HIPAA-compliant US-based servers.


Our world class engineering team takes care of any and all required integration work — with no setup charges.

SH Cloud Database

Charts are run through Synaptec Health’s AI

Synaptec Health’s servers then do all of the heavy lifting, allowing your team to stay focused on your customers.


The amount of time it takes to read, process, and code your charts is measured in seconds, not hours.


All sensitive data is encrypted during transport and at rest.

Read more about our security and compliance practices.

CPT Codes9928593010Diagnosis CodesS42.352AR42S30.0XXAV86.56XADowncodesNone

Receive a complete set of codes ready for your billing software

Get back every chart fully coded and in a format that is compatible with your current billing software.


We provide individual and summary reports for all coded charts. 



Is it customizable?

Yes, fully. No matter how many internal use codes you need to manage, which kinds of documentation your payors require for reimbursement, or which procedures are actually billable, we’re able to support it.


Our solution also supports automatic re-coding upon receipt of additional documentation and changing the workflow to support manual adjustments to automatically coded charts.

What data 
formats do you 

We charge a low flat per-chart coding fee — pay only for what you use with no minimums (or maximums). Our fee is typically 60% less expensive than the cost of manual coding. 


One of the benefits of working with us is that we do not charge setup fees or cancellation fees. We let the quality of our solution speak for itself and we have aligned our pricing model to directly ensure the satisfaction and success our customers.


We can issue an invoice with payment via PO and/or ACH, wire, or check. Please contact us for more information.

How can I try your solution?

There are two main ways we can start working together.


The first involves re-coding a selection of your previously coded charts, which can then be compared with the original work of your own coders to see the kind of consistent quality our automated medical coding solution produces.


The second is an auditing service, where we look over a selection of your previously coded charts, and in addition to re-coding them, we’ll perform a thorough analysis, which will give you a better sense of your own coding team’s strengths as well as identify areas of potential risk due to upcoding or missing documentation.

What data 
formats do you 

In addition to supporting industry standard formats (HL7, CDA, etc.) and more general formats (XML, CSV, JSON, etc.) we also offer support for proprietary, in-house coding and billing software. 

How does the coding process work?

We spent thousands of hours with highly experienced medical coders to understand and replicate the process coders perform throughout the course of their work. As a result of this extensive development, our machine learning algorithms don’t approach the task like a standard computer program might. 


On the contrary: They go about it the same way humans do, only much faster and with far higher levels of accuracy and consistency, since computers don’t tire or suffer lapses in concentration. 

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Medical Coding With AI
Autonomous Medical Coding

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